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{What Do Millennials Want in a Home?}

Location, Location, Location.

The location of the home can be almost more important than the features of the home itself. These twenty- to early thirtysomethings consider the home’s neighborhood and its proximity to their place of employment to be just as critical as the number of bedrooms. Consider both walkability and access to public transportation when working with this group.

Less space but the right space. Bigger is not better; many

Millennials spend little time actually in their homes, which means a smaller property is just fine for them. Because of this, it’s important that spaces in the home have multifunctional purposes. Smaller spaces are also easier to repair and keep clean, which works well with this generation’s desire to minimize upkeep and spend more time enjoying life.

It’s not forever. Millennials aren’t getting attached to homes like older generations did; they look at them as a stepping stone and an investment. They don’t plan to stay in the home they’re buying now for more than five to seven years, in most cases (think repeat customer!). A first home is a chance to increase their credit scores and build their borrowing profile for the next property purchase. To these young homebuyers, a home is an investment: Keep this in mind as you work with your clients.

via Davis Orebaugh


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