Let me ask you something…

I have been putting some thought into you; my readers, my clients, etc. Time invested and a desire over the years have really provided me a wealth of knowledge regarding the industry, as well as local ins & outs of the real estate business. There are certain tips and tricks for buyers, and a different set of tips & tricks for sellers. As I will continue to feed you different insights into the real estate industry as a whole or even local events, I would love your feedback.

What kind of topics would you like me to discuss here?

Is there something currently that you need help with that others may also be curious about?

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2 thoughts on “Let me ask you something…

  1. J.Paul says:

    I’d be curious how ones goes about selling their home while searching for a new home in a hot market! It’s been a frustrating process and I fear we will be in limbo if our house sells with no place to go.



    • LisaHayesNC says:

      It can be really frustrating if you are looking at homes at certain ‘hot’ price points for sure. If you are approved for a loan contingent on selling your home it can put you at a disadvantage over a buyer who either has cash, or has already sold their home.
      I think its wise to decide what the reasons are you are selling. If your need (or desire) to sell is more important than being displaced temporarily, then I highly recommend your listing your home with a great Realtor® who will market it effectively. Your home should be listed for its current market value to attract the right buyers. Overpricing just means you’ll be stuck with your current home longer. You should also follow your agent’s advice about staging your home and making small improvements or repairs. If an offer comes before you’ve found another house, your agent should try to push the closing date out as far as reasonably possible, and look into the possibility of a lease-back post-closing.
      I hope this helps! Best of luck to you and please let me know if I can help you any way.


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