Moments to be Thankful…

Well, as a Reator®, it’s very easy to just talk about selling & purchasing a home, but there is so much more that goes into it. When an individual, a couple just starting their life or even a family searching for their “forever home”, etc. entrusts me with finding their future home, I engage into their likes, dislikes, style, even familial stances to find them a place they will be truly be happy. That’s the goal, right? Any Realtor® knows, the hours can be long & undesirable to some, as well as scouring the industry for the perfect home can sometimes encroach on our own family time. For me, there is a certain enjoyment that comes from my days having some level of unpredictability. Will I find that great home? Maybe today is the day I help them put an offer in for it? Wait, a full-asking offer just came in for your house! For me, I have a real enjoyment & love for this industry as a whole, and the wonderful people I have gotten to meet along the way.

Throughout my life, especially our transition from Austin back to NC, I have really harnessed moments in my life and stopped to acknowledge them; good & not-so-great. It’s important for me to appreciate these moments in my life and sometimes the paths that lead me there. So I challenge you, my beloved readers, as we enter our week of Thanksgiving, to reflect on your life or even your most recent events and offer a moment of appreciation….always. It really is soul cleansing! So, with that said, I want to list a few things in the forefront of my mind that I am thankful for:

I am thankful for my family! They continuously support my drive to please my clients even if that means some sacrifices along the way. Words cannot describe my gratefulness in knowing that I always have them backing me up & the uplifting feeling it brings.

I am thankful for the opportunities Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate® & Go Realty has offered me. It’s wonderful working along side people that carry your vision & energy with them as well. What a great feeling!

My clients! I am so thankful you! The trust that you have put in me is humbling. I am very grateful for the opportunity to continue to be your home buying/selling guru! To piggy-back on that, all of the times I have received a phone call or email from someone being referred by one of you is such a validating experience. It says to me that I have worked hard and my commitment to you has shown through, and that is so rewarding.

As the week goes on, I will try and add more “thankful for” posts, but I would also love to read what you are thankful for. Feel free to leave a comment & share those moments that bring joy to your day/life!

Next up, I’m thinking some recipes to pass around your dinner table. What do you think?



Holidays & Real Estate: Do they mix?

Let’s dive into the Pros & Cons of having your home on the market over the holidays.

You want to move.
You’ve decluttered, painted tired walls, and staged your home for potential buyers.  You’ve found a great Realtor® you trust to put your property on the market.
But, wait…. it’s November.
You are hosting Thanksgiving, Mom & Dad are staying for a week…along with your unpredictable brother (to whom, “tidy” is a foreign language).

Before you toss in the towel on the idea of ringing in the holiday under a new roof, here are some THINGS TO CONSIDER:

  1.  Buyers who are looking during the holidays are usually serious buyers.
  2.  Less homes are for sale during the holidays- less competition=more money for you.
  3. Many buyers relocate in January.   They are looking over the Holiday
  4. Houses can show better decorated for the Holidays (see tips below)
  5. It may not be convenient to show when buyers want to see your home
  6. Less buyers are looking this time of year
  7. Agents may be unavailable when you need them

Now, after reading that and you have decided to run GO FOR IT, keep in mind the following;

  1.  You can control showings.  Let the scheduler know when you need to ‘block’ a day ahead of time so agents can be alerted
  2. Be flexible.  If someone is in town for 2 days to look at a house and you’ve blocked the time, that buyer has probably looked at your home on line and really wants to see it.  Be willing to pack up the family and leave for an hour while the turkey’s in the oven if a serious buyer is in town.
  3. Tone down the decor.  I know! I know! You are thinking “wait a minute, she just listed above that “homes show better decorated!” While that is true, think of holiday decorating as more of a ‘nod to the holiday’ rather than Griswold’s Celebrate the Season. Do you see my point? If you offer too much decor, the beautiful features of your home will be lost in the…..shazaaaam! So, for this selling “season” keep as many artifacts & tchotchke’s packed away.
  4. Keep presents stacked neatly in a corner.
  5. Make touring your home festive!  While you have left the ceramic angel tucked safely in a box…tend to the bellies; buyer’s bellies, that is. Leave a plate of freshly baked holiday cookies and some napkins on the counter with a neatly printed note for them to enjoy. Not only will this create a happy-bellied buyer, but your house will smell delightful.

While these are my best tips for holiday selling, your Realtor® is the best source to advise you if your home should be on the market during the Holidays or not.  They{I} know your market and history of sales during this time.



Do you recall the “LET ME ASK YOU SOMETHING” post? If not, you can find it here.

I received a comment regarding buying & selling in a hot market.

“I’d be curious how one goes about selling their home while searching for a new home in a hot market! It’s been a frustrating process and I fear we will be in limbo if our house sells with no place to go.” -J.P.

This is a GREAT question! Currently in the Apex market it is a booming for sellers. The inventory is low and if your price point is below $300K they are getting scooped up with multiple offers within days {or sometimes….hours}. From a seller point of view, this is fantastic, however if you are both a buyer & a seller it can leave some uneasiness as to where your future residence lies. I currently have clients dealing with a similar concern and here are some options I have discussed with them:

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