Moments to be Thankful…

Well, as a Reator®, it’s very easy to just talk about selling & purchasing a home, but there is so much more that goes into it. When an individual, a couple just starting their life or even a family searching for their “forever home”, etc. entrusts me with finding their future home, I engage into their likes, dislikes, style, even familial stances to find them a place they will be truly be happy. That’s the goal, right? Any Realtor® knows, the hours can be long & undesirable to some, as well as scouring the industry for the perfect home can sometimes encroach on our own family time. For me, there is a certain enjoyment that comes from my days having some level of unpredictability. Will I find that great home? Maybe today is the day I help them put an offer in for it? Wait, a full-asking offer just came in for your house! For me, I have a real enjoyment & love for this industry as a whole, and the wonderful people I have gotten to meet along the way.

Throughout my life, especially our transition from Austin back to NC, I have really harnessed moments in my life and stopped to acknowledge them; good & not-so-great. It’s important for me to appreciate these moments in my life and sometimes the paths that lead me there. So I challenge you, my beloved readers, as we enter our week of Thanksgiving, to reflect on your life or even your most recent events and offer a moment of appreciation….always. It really is soul cleansing! So, with that said, I want to list a few things in the forefront of my mind that I am thankful for:

I am thankful for my family! They continuously support my drive to please my clients even if that means some sacrifices along the way. Words cannot describe my gratefulness in knowing that I always have them backing me up & the uplifting feeling it brings.

I am thankful for the opportunities Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate® & Go Realty has offered me. It’s wonderful working along side people that carry your vision & energy with them as well. What a great feeling!

My clients! I am so thankful you! The trust that you have put in me is humbling. I am very grateful for the opportunity to continue to be your home buying/selling guru! To piggy-back on that, all of the times I have received a phone call or email from someone being referred by one of you is such a validating experience. It says to me that I have worked hard and my commitment to you has shown through, and that is so rewarding.

As the week goes on, I will try and add more “thankful for” posts, but I would also love to read what you are thankful for. Feel free to leave a comment & share those moments that bring joy to your day/life!

Next up, I’m thinking some recipes to pass around your dinner table. What do you think?




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