what you need to know before you buy

I just wrapped up “What you need to know before you sell”, so Let’s dive right in to the buying side…

  • Always. Always. ALWAYS start by consulting with a lender! They will be able to pre-qualify you quickly so you have a great understanding of how much you can spend. Most sellers require a pre-qualification (a pre-approval is different) with an offer, plus why look at $500K house if you qualify for $300K, right?
  • KNOW THE DON’TS. Knowing what you DON’T want in a home helps narrow down your search faster than what you do want. If you are tired of, or too busy to care for a large yard at your current home, don’t set yourself up to get carried away by a home’s beautiful interior if it is on a 1 acre lot with tons of green space.
  • USE A GREAT REALTOR® THAT YOU ENJOY SPENDING TIME WITH, AS WELL AS RESPECT. A good Realtor® knows the market value of different neighborhoods & will help you find the best investment & fit for you. You will likely be spending a good chunk of time with each other. We will negotiate on your behalf throughout the purchase, inspections & will stay on top of everything to bring you to a successful closing. BEWARE of the broker who is obsessed with winning! While it seems like it may be a good trait to get the best deals, they can be more caught up in the win that they lose sight of getting their client the home they want.
  • DONT MAKE ANY MAJOR OR REVOLVING CREDIT PURCHASES WHILE BUYING! Definitely do not open any new accounts! Even depositing large amounts of cash into your bank account can raise a red flag with lenders & delay or destroy the closing. Consult with your lender before you do anything that could affect your loan.
  • HAVE THE PRE-APPROVAL LETTER ready to go so that in a hot market, our offer will be taken seriously!

So there you have it; buying & selling how to’s from your truly. 🙂 I would love to have the opportunity to show you what I would do to help your sell your home or in finding your dream home!





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