Kick Up That curb appeal

How important is curb appeal really? Quite important, actually. It’s your homes first impression.


While some people have the ability to look beyond a plain exterior, many have a hard time visualizing the “what could it be”. When selling your home, it’s important that your home shows at its very best for potential buyers, this includes the curb appeal. A few touch-ups to your exterior can make a world of difference and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Here is a great montage of videos via that can help bring some life back to your exterior. Enjoy the inspiration!


1st image – a more in-depth facelift to the front of the home gave some big punch to this homes curb appeal {source: unknown / Pinterest}
2nd image – a simple cosmetic transformation by cleaning up the shrubs and painting the front door made a big impact {source: moving mountains design}


Hot Housing Markets Require Something…..Different

If you have done any type of looking, you have learned that you’ve got to move fast around here!

Having a qualified, knowledgable Realtor® can make all of the difference between Under Contract & Still Looking! This home was on the market for THREE DAYS before it went Under Contract.

Realtors® are given exclusive tools that give them insight to the up & coming. Searching on your own is fantastic in narrowing down your must-have & don’t-want list, however in a hot market, having a Realtor® can expedite the process so that your forever home doesn’t end up having a different resident. A hot housing market plays to different rules & takes a unique finesse, in my opinion. It becomes a land where contingencies & time frames are thrown to the wayside in some regard.

If you are looking for a home and feeling a bit overwhelmed by the process, I’m here…happy to work for you & with you!