Let’s Talk…Green

Green thumb, that is!


via urban farmer

I’m finding that there seems to be a growing theme amongst many clients recently; the self-sustaining life! Finding some land, growing gardens, raising chickens, etc. seem to be drawing more appeal than ever. This topic got me thinking while my husband was outside exercising his right to a green thumb and planting our garden. While we have a lot of room for a garden, placement was important. The strategies that went into our garden made me think of all of my readers and how this may be a shared topic among many. So let’s dive into the world of…Gardens!

While gardens take some planning, they are tailored to your need, space, climate, etc. so space size no longer needs to be a concern. Do you have the hard clay soil like NC does? Try a raised bed! In researching, I discovered there are many styles of gardens, as well as companion plants that help each plant thrive and even taste better! Did you know that tomato plants grow & taste much better when planted with basil, which happens to deter certain bugs? No wonder Caprese salad & Margherita pizza taste so delicious.

Here are some helpful links in creating your garden:

Great list of vegetables and herbs for a small garden

Container Gardens like tomato, basil, rosemary, cabbage, etc.

Square Foot Gardens is fantastic for small spaces, but can be used in any garden setting

Square-foot garden.jpg
An example of a square foot garden via

Companion Planting: the allies and enemies of your plants

Tip: Plant marigolds around the entire perimeter of your garden. It is a companion plant to almost everything AND deters root worms from attacking your delicious garden.

I hope you find these sites helpful in planting your own garden. Enjoy!



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