Did you know….Finding the perfect neighborhood can be more important to most people than finding the perfect home

As a Realtor®, I can not answer questions like “Will there be a lot of kids here?” or “Would someone of our age fit in here?” due to Fair Housing regulations.  So, where does that leave us when we know that is important to our client?   
If they are looking in the Southern Raleigh, Cary or Apex area, I always recommend we take a trip to 12 Oaks in Holly Springs. 12 Oaks is a master-planned community that upon entering the subdivision, driving through the roundabout surrounded by the beautiful oaks & pines, you know you’ve entered a neighborhood that is truly special and offers something for everyone.
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*One of the homes featured by {12 Oaks Custom Builders}
Offering a variety of homes offered from low maintenance town homes, to small lot villas, to the custom build beauties adorning the Nicklaus Design Group golf course, there is sure to be something to appeal to every homeowner in various phases of life. Each resident is required to be a social member of the country club- creating camaraderie between the residents.  The neighborhood also features lovely pools, community garden, a dog park, play grounds & walking paths.
Nearby the 12 Oaks shopping & dining center has wonderful offerings such as Target, Chilis, Dick’s Sporting Goods, DSW.  Holly Springs has so much to offer and is close to the 540 for easy access to the entire Triangle area.

If you would like more information on this wonderful community, please visit contact me and visit www.12oaksnc.com.  As a local realtor, I can wholeheartedly tell you that the clients I’ve helped buy in 12 Oaks are very happy with their decision.

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4000 Square Feet of City Living…

When in NC…. you eat!

Oh the food. The wonderful, mouth watering, savory food! Is 8:35pm too late for dinner? Never!

I stumbled across an article listing the best places to eat in NC. I have pulled some Triangle-specifics from the article but you can find the full list here. Some I have tried, however others I am now eager to put in my reservation for. Have you went to these restaurants or came across some awesome gems here in NC? Comment below with your NC picks.






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*For any Pennsylvania Dutch folks out there I imagine you are scratching your head thinking “these do NOT look like the chicken & waffles I was brought up on!” If so, you are right. This is the southern version; fried chicken, waffle, syrup.


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what you need to know before you buy

I just wrapped up “What you need to know before you sell”, so Let’s dive right in to the buying side…

  • Always. Always. ALWAYS start by consulting with a lender! They will be able to pre-qualify you quickly so you have a great understanding of how much you can spend. Most sellers require a pre-qualification (a pre-approval is different) with an offer, plus why look at $500K house if you qualify for $300K, right?
  • KNOW THE DON’TS. Knowing what you DON’T want in a home helps narrow down your search faster than what you do want. If you are tired of, or too busy to care for a large yard at your current home, don’t set yourself up to get carried away by a home’s beautiful interior if it is on a 1 acre lot with tons of green space.
  • USE A GREAT REALTOR® THAT YOU ENJOY SPENDING TIME WITH, AS WELL AS RESPECT. A good Realtor® knows the market value of different neighborhoods & will help you find the best investment & fit for you. You will likely be spending a good chunk of time with each other. We will negotiate on your behalf throughout the purchase, inspections & will stay on top of everything to bring you to a successful closing. BEWARE of the broker who is obsessed with winning! While it seems like it may be a good trait to get the best deals, they can be more caught up in the win that they lose sight of getting their client the home they want.
  • DONT MAKE ANY MAJOR OR REVOLVING CREDIT PURCHASES WHILE BUYING! Definitely do not open any new accounts! Even depositing large amounts of cash into your bank account can raise a red flag with lenders & delay or destroy the closing. Consult with your lender before you do anything that could affect your loan.
  • HAVE THE PRE-APPROVAL LETTER ready to go so that in a hot market, our offer will be taken seriously!

So there you have it; buying & selling how to’s from your truly. 🙂 I would love to have the opportunity to show you what I would do to help your sell your home or in finding your dream home!




What You need to know before you sell

You’ve decided to sell your home. Congratulations! That usually accompanies a new journey in your life. Your home is likely your biggest investment & you want to protect its value & maximize your return on your investment when you sell it. How can you bet on that? Here are some ways:

  • INTERVIEW & HIRE A GREAT FULL-TIME REALTOR®! I recommend interviewing 2 months prior to your intention to list your property. This will give ample time to find the right fit, as well as give your Realtor time to explore the property & come up with the best game plan for your property!
  • LISTEN TO THEIR ADVICE! Why? Because we know what makes a home sell! A qualified broker is up trend in the current market you are in. Think your red kitchen is beautiful? It probably is, but it’s a specific taste & you want to appeal to the widest range of buyers as possible, right? While you are prepping your home, now is a good time to repair that leaky faucet, trim the overgrown bushes, touch-up stain or paint as needed, and put away those personal treasures & photographs. You want your potential buyer to envision themselves living there and some people have a difficult time doing that when they are faced with a lot of photographs of your family. Trust us! Realtors® know the market & what buyers are wanting! They/I study the market every day & we can tell you the best time to put your home on the market, as well as what price range it will likely sell for. We know the value vs. other homes in your market.
  • TIME TO PACK! Pack away as many of your personal items, non-seasonal clothing, tchotchkes, etc. as possible prior to listing your home! As I mentioned earlier, it’s best to create a simple canvas for future buyers to envision their items & themselves in. Don’t worry about doing this before you meet with your Realtor®. We are the only ones who can look past that! 🙂 You will be packing when the house sells anyway, so why not get a head start?
  • REQUEST MARKET DATA FROM YOUR LISTING AGENT. At Better Homes & Gardens | Go Realty, our sellers will have access to the most current information on their neighborhood, with updates throughout the process. Let your Realtor® know your expectations regarding updates & communications methods upfront.

Now, you have the knowledge! You are ready to go, find a Realtor® (I would love the opportunity to speak with you!) & sell that house…